harry clarke : Australian Ambassadors Resdence (Formerly the Home of Laurence ‘Larky’ Waldron, known as “Marino”)

Australian Ambassador's Residence

Sun Panel
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C. 1918
(Formerly the Home of Laurence ‘Larky’ Waldron, known as “Marino”)
Contact Info:
Abbey lea,
Co. Dublin,
Rep of Ireland
Sun Panel (C. 1918)


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A small sun panel was designed by Harry Clarke for Larky Waldron (Bowe and Cumming:  1998, p. 103; Bowe: 1994, p. 90).  The sun’s rays shine forth in the panel, transforming a passing cloud to glittering gold. The sun’s delicate features have been exquisitely painted to breathe life into the sun. The golden petal motif that surrounds the sun was also used by Harry in his depiction of a sun in the first light of the Sacred Heart, St. Margaret and St. John Eudes (1919) window, in the Vincentian church at Phibsborough.

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Photos Michael Cullen 2009 and Text by Lucy Costigan 2009