harry clarke : Australian Ambassadors Resdence (Formerly the Home of Laurence ‘Larky’ Waldron, known as “Marino”)

Australian Ambassador's Residence

Coat of Arms
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(Formerly the Home of Laurence ‘Larky’ Waldron, known as “Marino”)
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Abbey lea,
Co. Dublin,
Rep of Ireland
Coat of Arms (1918)


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In 1918 Harry Clarke created a small coat of arms panel for his friend and patron, Laurence ‘Larky’ Waldron (Bowe: 1994, p. 90). The crest of the Waldron family is at the center of the panel. The outline of the crest and the heads of the three bulls are black while the background of the crest contains white foliage on silver-grey. The Latin inscription is painted in black on a golden banner:
Spectemur Agendo
(Let us be judged by our acts)

The dragon at the top of the crest is in dark red and gold. The background of the panel contains a set of abstract designs in white on silver gray. Harry used this same technique for the background of the two lower panels of the Eve of Saint Agnes (1924) window.

Bowe, N. Gordon, The Life and Work of Harry Clarke, Irish Academic Press, 1994

Photos Michael Cullen 2009 and Text by Lucy Costigan 2009