Harry Clarke Windown :Ashdown Park Hotel, Wych Cross, Nr Forest Row, East Sussex: England : originally Chapel of Our Lady, Convent of Notre Dame :

Ashdown Park Hotel, Sussex, England


The Assumption and the Coronation (A)

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Ashdown Park Hotel, Wych Cross, Nr Forest Row, East Sussex, England,
United Kingdom,
RH18 5JR

The Assumption and the Coronation



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The Assumption depicts Mary ascending into heaven, body and soul. Mary is depicted in the top panels, surrounded by six angels. Seven saints are depicted above a balcony of blossoms, praying to Mary. The lower panel depicts a blue and silver ornate gate decorated with a large cross. This denotes Mary’s emblem of Gate of Heaven. 
The Coronation depicts Mary being crowned as Queen of heaven. Jesus holds a sparkling crown with a golden coloured stone over Mary’s head.  Mary kneels before Jesus, wearing beautiful robes of purple, green, blue and turquoise. Ten angels are depicted beside her. This panel denotes Mary’s emblem of Queen of Saints.

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Photos Michael Cullen 2009 and Text by Lucy Costigan 2009