The Visitation (1924), The Widow’s Son (1924)--Saints Peter Paul, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin- Harry Clarke

Saints Peter & Paul, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

The Widow’s Son
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Saints Peter & Paul,
Co. Dublin.

The Widow's Son


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The two-light window to the left of the altar is The widow’s son. The main panels of the first light depict the widow from Nain and her son. The widow stands over her son who has just been raised from the dead by Jesus. The cloths that were used to bind the boy in death are still visible. The lower panel in flashed ruby glass depicts the prophet, Eliseus, reviving a figure.
In the main panels of the second light, the elongated figure of Jesus wears dark ruby robes. The bottom panel in flashed blue glass shows Elias with the revived figure beside him. The text in the bottom right-hand panel reads: Pray for the soul of Marcella Rogers who died November 1921 RIP

Photos Michael Cullen 2009
Text by Lucy Costigan 2009