Harry Clarke : St. Mary’s Church, Ballinrobe, Mayo : Saints Colman and Brendan (B) 1925 (2 lights)

St. Mary’s Church, Ballinrobe, Mayo

Saints Colman and Brendan (B)
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Saint Mary's,
Roman Catholic Church,
Main Street
Rep of Ireland

Saints Colman and Brendan


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The first light depicts the seventh century Saint Colman, who left Ireland for Iona and was appointed bishop of Lindisfarne. The main panels depict Colman as bishop, attired in blue and green vestments and a green mitre. The lower panel depicts the saint in blue vestments engaged in debate with King Oswy, attired in a green cloak.

The second light depicts Saint Brendan, attired in a green shawl, a purple scarf fastened by a magenta broach, and a crimson cloak over gray robes. The lower panel depicts Saint Brendan in a crimson cloak, praying at sea. A crimson-winged angel in white robes oversees the saint’s journey.