Harry Clarke : Ballycumber, County Offaly:Music and Literature 1929 (2 lights)

Ballycumber, County Offaly

Music and Literature (1929) (B)
Number of Windows in Ballycumber:
Number of Lights in each window:
Contact Info:
Private Dwelling
(formerly Church of Ireland),
County Offaly,
Rep of Ireland

Music and Literature


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The top panels of the first Music and Literature window depict colourful foliage and blossoms in blue and purple entwined around long white stems. The second section of the first light depicts a panel of medieval musical instrument. The second light contains a panel denoting literature. The third and fourth sections of both lights contain decorative floral designs in blue, purple, red and gold. The lower panels each depict an exquisite vase overflowing with delicate blossoms.
The window is inscribed in the form of two open books:
The/ Centenary/ of the marriage/ in this Church/
 4th Feb 1828/ of Thomas Holman/
Mulock of/ Bellair, and/ Francis Sophia/

Berry of/ Eglish Castle The/
Golden/ Wedding/ of their son

Francis Berry/ Mulock/ and Ethel Anne/ Braddon
14th Aug. 1878