Strangest Genius: The stained glass of Harry Clarke

Strangest Genius: The stained glass of Harry Clarke

By Lucy Costigan and Michael Cullen

Harry Clarke (1889 to 1931) was undoubtedly Ireland’s greatest stained glass artist. During his short life Harry created stained glass windows for churches, private dwellings and commercial venues throughout Ireland and England, and as far a field as the USA and Australia. Also an illustrator of books for Harrap and Co. in London, Harry illustrated five books that show his undoubted genius in the area of graphic art.

In total 160 windows, and a small number of panels, were created by Harry Clarke. This book is unique in that it contains the entire stained glass collection of Harry Clarke, including those windows now in art galleries. This collection has never before been photographed or published in its entirety. This publication will give those who are unfamiliar with the brilliance and originality of Clarke’s marvellous stained glass windows the opportunity to view images of his greatest creations, and perhaps in time to travel to see these wonders for themselves.

Strangest Genius was short listed for the Irish Best-Published Book of the year 2010

Strangest Genius was also included in the Great Irish Books (Top 25 books) for 2010

Author Lucy Costigan & Michael Cullen
Publisher The History Press, Ireland
Publishing Date 1 May 2010
Pages 352
Format Hardback
ISBN 9781845889715

Book Review in The Irish Times

A Fresh Window on Harry Clarke - May 15th 2010

Now a new book Strangest Genius: The Stained Glass of Harry Clarke by Lucy Costigan and Michael Cullen, and a related website, makes the full extent of Clarke’s achievement accessible as never before. It does nothing less than document Clarke’s entire, extant stained glass works, be they in private or public hands. Costigan achieved this remarkable feat with the aid of the 1988 Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass, archival research, and a great deal of leg-work, visiting “churches, art galleries, the homes of private collectors and business establishments”. Cullen worked to refine the means of capturing stained glass in photographs. The volume is a worthy, indeed indispensable companion to Gordon Bowe’s landmark 1989 biography. Read full article Click here