Geneva Window - Geneva Window, Wofosain Museum, Florida Harry Clarke

The Geneva Window, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami, Florida, USA

Panel 6
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The Wolfsonian Art Museum,
1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach,
FL 33139, USA (Web)
The Geneva Window Panel 6

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First inscription:
She came towards him dancing, moving the folds of the veil, so that they unfolded slowly, as she danced.

Mr. Gilhooley by Liam O'Flaherty
The first section of the sixth panel depicts Mr. Gilhooley reclining in a luxurious chair while he leers at the sensuous dancer before him.
Second inscription:
I know the great gift we will give to the Gail will be a memory to pity and sigh over; and I shall be the priestess of tears.
Deirdre by George Russell

Deirdre is depicted in this section lying beside her lover, Naisi.

Photo Credits
The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection
Text by Lucy Costigan 2009