Geneva Window, Wofosain Museum, Florida Geneva Window - Harry Clarke

The Geneva Window, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami, Florida, USA

Panel 8
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The Wolfsonian Art Museum,
1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach,
FL 33139, USA (Web)
The Geneva Window Panel 8


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First inscription:
The widow thought that the world was strange, the sky extraordinary, the man's head against the red sky a wonder, a poem.

The Weaver's Grave, by Seumas O'Kelly

The beautiful widow stands in the grave where her husband is to be buried. The handsome gravedigger stands above the grave.

Second inscription
There's music along the river for love wanders there. Pale flowers on his mantle, Dark leaves on his hair.
On Music by James Joyce

A beautiful male youth with golden hair and a crown of reeds plays the mandolin. The window is signed in the border at the base of this panel: HARRY CLARKE DUBLIN 1930.

Photo Credits
The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection
Text by Lucy Costigan 2009