Harry Clarke vs Harry Clarke Studio Windows

Harry Clarke Windows


In this website, sources for windows attributed to Harry Clarke are Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass (Bowe, Caron and Wynne: 1988) and Trinity College Archives, Dublin. The catalogue of stained glass as per the Gazetteer was updated by Lucy Costigan in 2009 to reflect changes in the location and ownership of windows as evident from research and visiting the windows. In this website titles of windows that contain (A), (B) or (C) denote the following:
(A): Harry Clarke was actively involved in part of the window’s execution, the rest being executed under his supervision in his Studio
(B): The window was initially conceived by Harry Clarke but executed by the Studio under his close supervision
(C): The window was designed by Harry Clarke
Where neither A, B or C is indicated beside window title, the stained glass window or panel was designed and executed fully by Harry Clarke.

Harry Clarke Versus Harry Clarke Studios
There is often confusion as to which windows are the work of Harry Clarke. Windows ascribed to Harry Clarke are those that he designed, supervised or created himself. The confusion is due to several factors. Firstly, Joshua Clarke, Harry’s father, had his stained glass and church decorating business called Joshua Clarke & Sons, from the 1890s until Joshua’s death in September 1921. After Joshua’s death, Harry managed the stained glass side of the business and Walter managed the church and general decorating section. Although Harry worked at his father’s studios before and after Joshua’s death, Harry always took in his own commissions. It is very rare to find a Harry Clarke window that is signed J. Clarke & Sons, though there are several. Most of Harry’s windows are signed Clarke Dublin, Harry Clarke, Harry Clarke Dublin, HC or H. Clarke.
In 1930 Joshua Clarke and Sons was taken over by Walter as a church decorating business. This business died with Walter after his untimely death in July 1930. Harry founded the Harry Clarke Studios in April 1930. The Studios were continued after Harry’s death in January 1931. The Harry Clarke Studios made approximately one thousand windows after Harry’s death in 1931, and continued in the stained glass business until 1973 (The Irish Times: 21th May 1976). It is only those windows and panels that Harry designed, directly executed, or supervised in his own lifetime that can legitimately be ascribed to him. This accounts for over 160 full windows and a small number of panels.