Harry Clarke Windows - St Oswald & St Edmund, Aston-in-Makerfield, Lancaster

St. Maculind's, Chapel Rd, Lusk, Co. Dublin

St. Maculind's, Chapel Rd, Lusk, Co. Dublin

Lusk has 10 Harry Clarke windows
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*There are three decorative windows in each set

There are ten Harry Clarke windows in St. Maculind's Church in Lusk, Co. Dublin. These are:
St. Maculind Lancet (1924)
Nine decorative windows (1924), containing symbols of Christ's passion.

Harry began work on the Dempsey memorial lancet window of St. Maculind in May 1924. The long narrow window runs the length of the east wall of the church in Lusk.
The nine decorative windows are installed in sets of three, in alcoves high above the altar. These abstract windows have a jewel-like glow, with their richly decorated amber, ruby, gold, blue, and emerald panels. Various instruments associated with Christ’s death on the cross are depicted on each window, including a crown of thorns, nails, and a hammer.  Although the Lusk abstract windows are smaller than those in the Church of St. Peter at Phibsborough, the symbols and style of design are very similar.

Photos Michael Cullen 2009 - Text Lucy Costigan 2009



St. Maculind Lancet *Decorative windows 1-2-3 *Decorative windows 4-5-6
*Decorative windows 7-8-9