Harry Clarke St. Maculind's, Chapel Rd, Lusk, Co. Dublin

St. Maculind's, Chapel Rd, Lusk, Co. Dublin

St. Maculind
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St. Maculind's Church,
Chapel Rd,
Co. Dublin,
Rep of Ireland

St. Maculind


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Harry began work on the Dempsey memorial lancet window for Lusk in May 1924. The long narrow window runs the length of the east wall of the church in Lusk. The top panels of the window depict five angels in silver, ivory and pale blue robes. Their wings are pale pink and silver. The next panel, just above the saint’s head, contains a glowing bell.
In the main panels, Saint Maculind is depicted in robes of dark blue, purple, green and turquoise, decorated with bronze and gold. The saint holds the church of Lusk in his right hand and a staff in his left. The lower panel depicts a demon underneath the saint’s feet. The next panels depict the saint ministering to his parishioners. A self-portrait of Harry Clarke is depicted under the saint’s left hand. The window is inscribed:

Pray for the souls of John and Catherine Dempsey of Gracedieu.