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The Ascension (B)
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(Originally made for the Church of Ireland at Skryne, Co. Meath. Moved to Church of Ireland, Trim, Co. Meath in 1964)

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The Ascension (1929)


The three-light Ascension window was commissioned by Lady Dillon of Longworth Hall, Hereford, in February 1929. It was a memorial to her husband Sir John Fox Baronet. Lady Dillon requested that the colouring and design of the window be similar to that of the three-light Resurrection window at the Church of Ireland in Kilbride, Co. Wicklow (Bowe in Sotheby’s website, Lot 32, 11th May, 2006).
The window was transferred to the Church of Ireland in Trim in November 1964 (Bowe in Sotheby’s website, Lot 32, 11th May, 2006). The window went for auction at Sotheby’s of New Bond Street, London, on May 11th 2006. The window was subsequently sold to a private collector.
The window contains three tracery lights. The main panel in the first light depicts Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. The lower panel depicts a crippled man.
The main panels of the central light depict Christ attired in magnificent robes of crimson, gold and deep blue, ascending into heaven.
The main panel of the third light depicts Jesus raising the widow’s son from the dead. In the lower panel, Jesus welcomes the children who gather around him.   

Sotheby’s website, Lot 32, London, Thursday, 11th May, 2006: LINK

Photos Michael Cullen 2009 and Text by Lucy Costigan 2009