Harry Clarke : Tullamore Catholic Church- Saints Patrick and Benignus

Tullamore Catholic Church

Saints Patrick and Benignus (A)
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Tullamore CC Church,
Co. Offaly

Saint Patrick

Saint Benignus



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The top panel of the Saint Patrick light contains an inset of a red triangle on a golden background, denoting the Holy trinity. Saint Patrick is depicted in an emerald and brown chasuble that is lavishly embroidered in gold. He holds a staff in his left hand and a shamrock in his right.
The top panel of the Saint Benignus light contains an inset with the letters I H S in black on a gold background. The letters were adopted by the Jesuit order as meaning In His Service. Saint Benignus was the favourite disciple of Saint Patrick. He is depicted in an orange and bronze chasuble with emerald brocade and grey robes.

Photos by Michael Cullen 2009 and Text by Lucy Costigan 2009