Harry Clarke - Tullamore Catholic Church

Tullamore Catholic Church

Tullamore Catholic Church

In March 1927 Harry was commissioned to design windows for the Jesuit retreat chapel at Rathfarnham Castle. In July he made a series of designs for murals for the castle. The windows were completed in 1928 (Bowe: 1994). When the Jesuits left Rathfarnham Castle, six windows were moved to the catholic church at Tullamore, Co. Offaly. The Sacred Heart, St. Joseph and Our Lady window was moved from Rathfarnham to Our Lady’s Hospice in Harrold’s Cross, Dublin 6 (Window here).  

Windows formerly at Rathfarnham Castle, South Dublin

Photos Michael Cullen 2009 - Text Lucy Costigan 2009

Tullamore has 6 Harry Clarke windows. Click on images for more information and images.

Decorative window with Christ’s Wounds  Decorative window with Agnes Dei (Lamb of God) Saints Peter and Paul
Saints Patrick and Benignus St. Ignatius St. Brendan